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Discover the true Essence of Photography

Tired of taking bad, dark and not-so-clear pictures? And if you followed the best tips to improve your photo technique?Today, the practice of photography is becoming more and more popular, especially with the arrival of smartphones with integrated cameras. Yet, beautiful pictures are rare on our cameras, for the simple reason that everyone is not a confirmed photographer.

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Technical photography: our tips for a successful photo portrait

The photo portrait is without a doubt one of the most popular shooting styles for photography enthusiasts.

How to take a studio picture with a female model?

Play on the emotions of the model for a quality shot.The subject expects the professional photographer a certain respect, regardless of his age. It is therefore essential to ensure that his model is quite comfortable with this or that pose: your photo studio will be more successful. With the option to get into the Beautiful world photography you can have the peace of artwork.

With regard to framing and composition, the rules are simple:

Use a tight frame to focus on the model’s face and expressions. Use a wide frame, in full frame, to put the subject in relation with its environment.Also think of reducing the depth of field to create a natural barrier between the model and the background. Finally, the natural will always be the best: let the model choose his own clothes and take a pose with which he is comfortable. The personality of the subject can more easily stand out on the final shot.

Technical photography: information for landscape photography

Rather manual mode or automatic mode? Digital photography or analogue photography? No matter how you work, landscape photography is often a necessary step to becoming a confirmed photographer. To succeed in your landscape photography, it is best to bring a wide angle lens. Here are some tips for taking landscape photos:

  • Capture natural movements
  • Take into account the people occupying a landscape
  • Compose in good standing of thirds
  • Use photo filters to bring out the color of the sky, the sea
  • Create depth of field
  • Use water as a mirror of a landscape
  • Photograph at dawn or dawn

Golden rule to take beautiful landscape photos: do not constantly look for perfection. In general, bad weather or a landscape that lacks color can actually make the originality of the shot. The landscape can be modified in post-treatment, with a polarizing filter for example, although this process is sometimes a debate among photographic aficionados.

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Reimagine the Travel Experience with Project Lofts

Enjoy a unique travel experience with Projects Lofts.

Welcome to Your Lofts! Offering luxury breaks at sumptuous, modern serviced accommodation a hop, skip and a jump away from the bustling centre of Newcastle, we specialise in travel experiences with a difference.

If you’re looking for a trip that breaks the mould and you’re keen to enjoy the high life while embracing home comforts, our lofts could be the ideal choice. Think of your holiday loft as a home away from home. 

Reimagining the travel experience

We know that the best trips are all about creating memories and enjoying experiences. With Project Lofts, we’re looking to elevate the travel experience and offer something new and unique. Our lofts are spacious and chic and they offer the best of both worlds. Embrace the tranquillity of the local area with access to stunning landscapes and beautiful views or enjoy urban adventures in the lively city of Newcastle. Our luxury serviced apartments combine comfort and style effortlessly, offering an idyllic base for exploring the North East. 

Our lofts give you the freedom and flexibility to plan an itinerary that gives you exactly the kind of break you’re looking for. From nights on the town and shopping up a storm to country pubs, long walks and cosying up in front of the TV, you can do it all at Chelmsford Lofts. With a beautiful base to call home for a weekend or a longer break, you can decide how you want to spend your time. If you need any advice or recommendations, we’re always on hand to share hidden gems and ensure you make the most of your stay. 

About our lofts

We have eight luxury lofts, which all boast stunning, high-spec interiors. Our aim was to create serviced accommodation that not only makes you feel like you’re in a 5-star setting but also gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you’re at home. We cater to couples, families and groups, offering apartments for between two and six guests. Our lofts have either one or two bedrooms with an option to use a sofa bed for extra guests in the larger apartments. 

Every loft provides access to a range of amenities, with high-spec interiors, free WiFi, smart entry points and luxury furnishings as standard. 

How to spend your time

The spectacular interiors of the lofts are just one of many reasons to choose our serviced accommodation for your next trip. The location is another incredible bonus. Nestled between leafy Jesmond and trendy Ouseburn, this is a home-from-home that offers something for everyone. Whether you fancy a traditional Sunday lunch, a lazy weekend brunch or a weekend of action and adventure, you can combine city slicking with country pursuits, catch a game, show or gig, explore the area’s highly-rated restaurants, sip on a cocktail in a cool bar or get out into the great outdoors and breathe in the fresh countryside air. 

Local attractions include:

  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • The Angel of the North
  • Tynemouth Long sands Beach
  • Great North Museum: Hancock

For foodies, there’s a plethora of fantastic cafes, pubs and restaurants in Jesmond, Ouseburn and Newcastle. From fine dining and coffee and cake to hearty pub grub, you’ll be spoiled for choice. 

Getting around

Our lofts enjoy an enviable location close to the action but far enough away to provide a relaxing break for those keen to recharge their batteries. We have a parking permit for each loft for drivers but if you don’t plan to bring the car, there are plenty of other ways to get around. We recommend a local taxi service and frequent bus services operate from multiple stops within walking distance of the properties. You can also use the metro system. The closest station is Jesmond, which is just half a mile away. 

How can I find out more?

If you’d like more information about our lofts, or you’re looking for luxury serviced accommodation in Newcastle or Jesmond, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to tell you more about individual lofts or make recommendations based on your requirements and preferences if you’re unsure which loft would be best for you. 

Ready to plan your trip? Book now!

Are you ready to plan your trip to the North East? If so, it’s quick and easy to book online. If you need help or any additional information, call or email us. You can also check out our handy FAQ section

How to opt for the best money lender?

Uncertainties are capable of always hurting every person. If any uncertainty arises due to a lack of money when required, then this problem can be shortened well only by discovering sources from which money can be induced. Though there are various sources available from where money can be generated as per requirement. But what you always need is trustworthiness. It can be feasible that you may depend on a moneylender which is not right. You should keep in mind specific metrics while selecting a monetary lender. These things are examined distantly in the writing.

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Here are some ways to identify a correct money lender:

Know your requirements well.

Most important thing is to know about your monetary requirements. It is needed that before relying on someone for funds you should research in detail your requirements. It means you should be clear about the purpose you are seeking a loan, the amount you are trying to avail as a loan, alternative options, detailed knowledge about the moneylender, etc . These are some necessary things you should consider before applying for a loan.

You need to know your money lender.

Through the in-depth research, you will get the answers to various crucial questions. Most importantly you will get to know about the lender from whom you are seeking funds. It is necessary to know about the lender to avoid any issues and misunderstandings shortly where you can’t get distressed due to the absence of knowledge.

Compare benefits you are getting from each moneylender.

There are various money lenders available, it is completely your choice from whom you will seek the monetary assistance. For ease, you should first compare the benefits you are getting from each option and then only opt for the one from which you are getting higher benefits. In simple words higher the profit greater the interest. It will be good to opt for that money lender who is offering a maximum number of benefits and most importantly must be a reliable source.

Evaluate the penalties well and also consider the prepayment costs.

It is needed to consider the interest rate and duration of the repayment of the loan. It is good to opt for the option where the interest rate is fixed, not floating. Similarly, the duration of the loan should be according to your convenience so that you will be able to pay back the amount in that decided period only.

What are the dangers of taking out a loan?

loans are a fantastic way to fund your dreams and investments. Getting finance gives you the boost you need to get past the startup stage. It’s critical to understand how you’re getting into the loan and how you’re getting out of it when it comes to investments and businesses. For example, whether you’re acquiring a property as an investment, you’ll need to know all of your numbers and how you’ll exit, whether it’s through a cash-out or an exchange.

The Rate of Interest

You shouldn’t obtain a personal loan just because you qualify for one. Some personal loans have interest rates that are far below 11%, while others have rates that are three or four times higher. The interest rates on these loans are determined by your credit score, but lenders are free to charge whatever they like as long as the rate does not exceed specific legal limits. Several organizations are good at money lending in ang mo Kio and have done so for a long time.


A secondary market is available on several platforms. This allows lenders to sell their loan parts before they reach maturity. As a facilitator, the platform cannot ensure that a willing buyer will be found for the loan portion. Platforms may deny or remove a specific loan from their secondary market at any time for any reason.

Default on a loan

Defaulting on debt simply means not paying it back or making late payments. The failure of a corporation to make monthly loan payments is not a good sign in any instance. If it was not returned, it would be difficult to obtain new loans or services due to increased interest rates, lower loan amounts, and other problems. Until the defaulted loan is settled, the company and its owners suffer.


You can get assistance from financial specialists who can advise you on how to appropriately borrow money so that you can better manage your loans and financial situation. They can also teach you how to manage your debt, expenses, and income appropriately. In this approach, you will not succumb to the enticements of loan sharks and illegal moneylenders. If you’re still not convinced about the moneylender you’re looking for, you may browse at reviews of many lenders from informed users or read blogs from previous and current customers.

Why neon lights are good for signage?

Since the beginning, signage has been an essential part of a business’ capacity to draw in clients and create deals. Yet, nowadays, it’s frequently neglected when an organization is assembling and building an advertising plan and considered as “only something more we need to manage.”

This is reckless in light of the fact that the numbers show it’s quite possibly the main business choice you have to make.

At the point when you take a gander at the numbers, customary marketing strategies like open air signage, place to checkout presentations, and window illustrations actually drive a larger part of a business, leads, and traffic.

Signs draw in clients and let them realize you exist. Without them, you are simply one more business lost in the ocean of organizations that individuals pass by consistently.

If you understand it you follow signs consistently. From the ones that order you through the roads, continually revealing where and when to go, to the signs that subliminally lead you to find new places, there is no keeping the force from getting signage.

We all have seen that bright illumination especially on the side of a bar or a club, that fills the dark void outside in the night sky. Neon lights are a far advancement from the previous incandescent lamp or sodium vapor bulbs that we used to have. Neon lights use a light source powered through noble gases mainly neon. 

They are one the most beautiful yet powerful sources of lighting used today. Although currently used in advertising and signage, it is starting to be used more often in photography. There are a lot of companies that are good at signage Signapore. To get one installed at your house or at your place of work all you have to do is get in touch with one of them. Some companies offer neon signage and advertising exclusive to the location of the signage like CreativeSign. They are a reputable signage company in Singapore. Singapore and are currently leaders in their segment. Neon lights can also be architectural wonders in your building. Gone are the days when lighting used to be a part of the ceiling, currently, lighting can be a standalone theme for your decor. 

The lighting itself defines and sets the ambiance and mood of the interior and exterior. Proper design and installation of lights are guaranteed to change the aura and climate of your room or house. A warm neon lighting provides a hearty woody character, while a blank white hue can add flavor to a stone interior. Within the community of architects and planners, it is often said that while the paint adds colors to your walls, the lighting adds soul to your room. 

Five exclusive UK conference venues

When it comes to booking conference venues, you need a location that can cater for your every intricate need. Whether you’re training your staff, holding an important meeting or even celebrating a wedding, securing a venue that’s robust as well as convenient is essential. Whatever your circumstance, below are a list of top-quality venues that will be sure to meet your every requirement. But just before we delve, if you are ever looking for something a bit different then consider a marquee event. Crystal marquee hire, who cover London, Surrey and the other home counties have a superior knowledge, check them out.

The Queens Hotel

The Queens Hotel is located in Leeds city centre, which makes it very convenient to get to and from. All in all, this prestigious hotel has 16 meeting and conference rooms that can be tailored to your specifications. There’s also a range of 215 spacious bedroom suites for your delegates to use, as well as an onsite restaurant and bar. 

The Nottingham Belfry

This ultra-modern complex was built two years ago on the outskirts of Nottingham and is roughly a 5-minute drive from the city centre. There is also the M1 motorway nearby, making it a convenient location to hold a conference. All together, there are 13 flexible and stylish meeting rooms available with the biggest one being able to hold up to 700 people. There is also a range of bedrooms, parking spaces, restaurants, bars, and even an indoor swimming pool, making this one of the most accommodating and versatile conference venues around. 

The Hampshire Court Hotel

With 11 meeting rooms, a range of hotel suites and being only a 45-minute drive from the capital, the Hampshire court hotel is a perfect venue. As well as the spacious conference rooms, there is also an onsite spa and leisure centre to help you and your fellow guests wind down after a hard day’s work. There’s also 24 hour WIFI available for all delegates to use, which in this day and age is proving to be a must-have feature for a conference venue. 

The Cambridge Belfry 

This wonderfully picturesque venue in located on the outskirts of the historic city of Cambridge and is a handy meeting point due to its close proximity to the M11 and A1 motorways. All in all, there are 11 well-maintained and highly equipped meeting rooms with the largest being able to hold up to 250 people. To accompany this, there is also an onsite AA-awarded Bridge Restaurant to cater for your delegates.

Bridgewood Manor

Being a stone’s throw away from central London and an international airport makes this one of the most accessible venues around. With its 7 purpose-built conference rooms, its onsite spa, hotel suites and restaurants, this amazing venue has everything you could possible need in a conference venue. To top it all off, it’s located in Kent so your guests can easily arrive by Eurostar from Europe.

Best methods to take care of your hair and skin

As humans need care for their health, similarly, their hair and skin also need proper care and attention. It is a must and required to provide appropriate nutrition to the hair and skin to make them healthy. Both hair and skin have their own needs to be fulfilled timely. Unhealthy skin and hair show the unhealthiness of the person as looks give an impression of a healthy being. Skin type of person varies one to another and even the hair texture too. 

Bridal express hair and makeup provide you with various useful methods to keep your skin and hair healthy, which is the primary need and focus of every female. There are multiple products, and natural or home remedies are available to treat skin and hair thoroughly. 

Methods for healthy skin:-

  • Cleansing

For good skin, it is a must and pleasant to use a good cleanser which doesn’t leave your skin tight after washing. Excessive cleaning of the wash is not suitable for facial skin. Cleaning skin twice a day is sufficient and adequate. Excessive use of soaps or wash washes leads to dry facial skin. Even this will reduces the skin oil generation from the face, which is a must for skin protection and skin health. 

  • Serums

Serums that are rich in Vitamin C and E are good to use for making your skin glowy and healthy. These vitamins fulfil the nutritional needs of the skin and feed the skin with necessary vitamins. A good quality serum works effectively on the skin, which is used under sunscreen in the morning. 

  • Moisturizer

Every skin type needs proper moisturizing. Means even if you have oily skin, you need appropriate moisture which is lightweight and gel-based to keep your skin moisture protected. On the contrary, dry skin requires a more Creamy moisturizer to keep the skin moisture maintained. 

  • Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen before going outdoor is must and needed for skincare. It prevents the skin from harmful sun rays. These sunscreens are required and necessary, so use it at least 15 minutes before going out. 

Methods for healthy hair:-

  • Oil massage

For healthy hair and scalp oil massage is a must and needed a method to keep them healthy. Oiling is like food feeding to the hair. Hot oil massage of the scalp helps the roots to get stronger and reduces hair fall. 

  • Moisturizing shampoo

Excessive hard soaps that contain an immense amount of caustic is harmful to hair and scalp. It is good to use a moisturizing shampoo having less amount of chemicals in it. The more foam based shampoo you use, the more your scalp get weak they reduce natural oil generation from the scalp, which leads to excessive hair fall. So moisturizing shampoo is good enough to apply to keep them safe. 

  • Conditioners

It is must apply conditioner to the hair but not in roots. It would help if you used conditioners having natural ingredients rather than those who are entirely chemically manufactured. They help in keeping your hair smooth and shiny as well as protects hair from heat.

Unique and luxurious corporate event venue in Miami

Hosting the corporate events, birthday parties, seminars or New Year celebration with the office and family members is not an easy task. The successful event can only happen in the right venue. Therefore, fascinating and exclusive corporate event venues are selected to break the flatness and make it successful. The most important thing in planning corporate event is finalizing the event venue where it needs to be perfect because it just not only about an event it also decides about the many things of an organization this kind of events can be organized by the corporate event venue Miami. In corporate event generally important are delegates and clients of a company who are very important to the company. The way event is planned by an organization executes and speaks more about the working style of the company also it can make up the image or break it.

If event is in-house or conducted in outdoor is doesn’t matter the venue created should be classy for the organization which should attract all the clients. It can be conducted like some promotional event or even a trade show according to the expenditure of the company but always keep in mind it should be according to the elegant taste and style of the high profile and professional for the clients and guests. These events can be organized in the corporate event venue Miami which is in the center of the city where clients, guests can come to this event easily.

Factors to consider for booking corporate event venues

The major thing of the corporate event is speakers and the session of the schedule should be considered when planning an event. A corporate event venue should only be selected after considering these factors for meeting, training or exhibition or for workshop

  • Space and layout of the location. Event manager should check whether it meets the requirements of the events or not like capacity limit, flexible floor space, whether rooms can be changed if needed or other event will be happening simultaneously in the same place, whether it has a break room, stage, decks, lawns etc. should be considered. These all things will be accommodated in the corporate event venue Miami.
  • Check the accessibility because most of the events and conferences happen in out of station location’s which means it will be nearby airport, train station or near the central transportation hub. Then only delegates and guests can reach the event venue without facing any problems and also should check whether alternate parking arrangements can be made or extra charges to be paid for it for the extra buses or taxis should be arranged, everything should be clear before the event day.
  • Before finalizing the event, manager should consider about the packages like venue fee, services, taxes, setup or break down charges etc. also about the ambiance and the amenities of the venue whether special catering can be done, is floral arrangements is inclusive, will pens & note pads, audio visual services with IT support will be provided.

For above mentioned factor the Corporate Event Venue Miami offers all above mentioned things with affordable price also they take the guests for a tour to show the nearby famous places in and around the city for more details visit nws.edu website to know about the corporate event management and charges for the events.

Making Smart Choices for the Best Bride, What Matches

The subject of love, betrothal, and marriage has already occupied entire generations forever. It is not exhausted and still remains relevant. Each generation is affected in turn. This subject is captivating, current and important, especially for you who have not yet made the marriage. But it is also for parents and those who want to help and advise. There are so many hot cases to feed this subject:

The Experienced Gils

A 17 or 18-year-old girl has already had several experiences with men, and she will find a pastor in tears. She makes this review: “What happens to me is that they use me like a can of coca-cola: they open it by tearing it, empty it, crush it and we throw it into a corner.” What a heartbreaking confession! A landing crashing before even starting to live properly!

A young man who wanted to get married goes to his father and asks him for advice

The father gives him very strong warnings because the girl is not a child of God. The opinion of his father is not suitable for the son who decides otherwise. He still marries the woman. After a year the couple separates. The woman had cheated on him several times with other men. Again this is a smashing landing, which could have been avoided if the father’s advice had been received.

A couple had been married for over 30 years. They were supposed to be happy. Yet the woman dies suddenly, and the truth comes to light. Shortly after the death of his wife, the believing widower made a moving confession. After a good start of the marriage, they had moved away from each other. The reason was unconfessed faults on both sides, and they were not ready to forgive. They lived for decades alongside each other without ever saying the word “forgive me”. Only after the woman’s death did the man clearly understand how wrong he was. He confessed before the Lord, but with his wife, it was no longer possible to settle anything.

Celebration from the Couple

A couple celebrates their golden wedding anniversary. Both have behind them a life in the service of the Lord. Long before his marriage, the man had decided to be at the disposal of his Lord and not to live for himself anymore. He had told his wife before her wedding, and she had agreed. This had led to many renunciations of personal comfort during their long life together. But the couple was surrounded by happiness and blessing. At the golden wedding, the children and grandchildren testified to the exemplary character of this couple.

Four very different examples are full of contrasts. Whether we are happy or not in our relationships, especially in marriage, there is a decisive question. Marriage can be a wonderful blessing, but it can also be endless misery: some time ago, a brother whose marriage was unhappy, said, “My marriage is hell on earth.” Often, we do not get to that point. But a household where everyone lives on his side brings no fulfillment. God wants to give us a lot more. Referrals that lead to happiness or misfortune in marriage, we put in place very early, and at the latest when we decide for a spouse for life. That’s why this decision can not be taken lightly.

Our truth about India

Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus earlier known as Victoria Terminus in Mumbai, India. Ninght panorama

Indira Gandhi was India’s very first as well as just women Head of state. She was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru– India’s initial head of state– not the child of leader Mahatma Gandhi as her last name could suggest. She served from 1966-1977 and was reelected in 1980 prior to being executed in 1984 while still in workplace.

Fact no. 2

Mommy Teresa initially wore her renowned sari in 1948; it’s currently the attire for religious women in her order, the Missionaries of Charity. Birthed in Macedonia in 1910, Mother Teresa– additionally referred to as Saint Teresa of Calcutta– was a Roman Catholic religious woman and missionary. She committed her life to helping the inadequate in the city of Calcutta, although her techniques were taken into consideration questionable by some. If you went travel to India – you can read more about it.

Fact no. 3

Mumbai’s dabbawallahs provide over 200,000 lunch boxes by bike and also train from home to workplace daily. In an elaborate system, everyone gets the proper tiffin box loaded with hot food prepared by their household, and also in the mid-day the empty boxes are gotten and also returned residence once again. There’s also a film based upon the sensation, 2013’s The Lunchbox.

Fact no. 4

The state of Meghalaya, northeast India’s “abode of clouds”, is the wettest inhabited position on planet. The forested region has a typical rainfall of 12,000 mm (470 inches) of rain yearly. That’s almost 33mm of rain per day.Meghalaya’s forests are home to a substantial selection of plant and also pet varieties, including the Himalayan black bear, the pangolin (scaly anteater) and also the zebra-striped hoopoe bird.

Fact no. 5

A woman may be forbidden from housework while any colour from the bridal mendhi gets on her hands. Indian wedding celebrations are often colourful expanded occasions that can last for anything from 3 days to a full week. The events begin with the ganeshpooja, generally a personal ceremony that accompanies the couple as well as their close family members, complied with by the mendhi ceremony the following day where henna patterns are painted on the new bride as well as her women friends and family. That evening, there’s commonly the sangeet a dish to welcome all the wedding celebration visitors, with the major event as well as function taking place on the third day.

Fact no. 6

India now boasts 400,000 millionaires with a mixed net worth of nearly US $2.5 billion. Mumbai is home to the nation’s biggest focus of millionaires, with some 46,000 citizens claiming to be worth millions.

Fact no. 7

Tea had actually been growing in India for centuries prior to the British started its commercial cultivation. The initial tape-recorded reference of tea in the nation goes back to 750 BCE, as well as it was apparently likewise consumed as a veggie meal, fried in oil with garlic. When the British arrived in the 18th century, they began expanding tea on a commercial range to lower their reliance on purchasing tea from China.

Fact no. 8

White tigers are only found among Indian tigers. White tigers a sort of Bengal tiger developed through a version in pigmentation. They usually turn into larger animals than their orange-coloured relatives.

Preferable Options with the Buffer Catering Now

Food and drink will not only literally feed your Corporate, but add personality and style to the event. To make sure you make the right choices, experts in the field come up with some tips for choosing the corporate menu. They know what they say, so why not take a look at those tips so that the guests will be pleasantly surprised by the preparations they will splash on at the Corporate? The answers can come from the best interational buffer catering in singapore.


Some tips for choosing the corporate menu:


  1. Set up a budget

Every decision regarding the corporate menu involves a certain cost. Appetizers, drinks and much more. Also, the number of guests should be taken into account when setting the budget, so make sure you know how many people are expected at the Corporate, in order not to add some extra cost to the budget for the menu. Also, if the number of guests will be higher than you initially calculated, there will be problems that you can avoid paying particular attention to their number.

  1. Do not delay the moment of choosing the Corporate menu

If you start early, you will certainly not panic and you will not feel that there is little time left until the Corporate and so many important decisions have not yet been taken. In order not to feel overwhelmed by all the necessary preparations for a Corporate, it is preferable to start organizing it early and, presumably, choosing the menu. Another reason why it is advisable that everything happens sooner is that if you want to call a catering company you have to register on your list as early as possible. How early?

A few months before the Corporate

Some catering companies will require you to work only with their cook, others have a list of professionals in the field, and you have the freedom to choose the one you consider the most appropriate. Others will allow you to come with your own chef, although you will probably have to take out more money for your favor.

  1. Do not forget about food regimens and allergies

Maybe among your guests are people who eat gluten-free foods, maybe they are vegetarian or maybe they are people who have allergies to certain foods. It would be advisable to know such information, to find out in advance so that you can tell the chef what changes the menu should suffer depending on those food regiments and allergies.

Easy Corporates

  1. Do not ignore the period during which the Corporate takes place

Many chefs set the menu considering the freshest products from the cooking period. If, for example, you prefer a delicious tomato salad, it will not be as tasty as it will during the summer.