Making Smart Choices for the Best Bride, What Matches

The subject of love, betrothal, and marriage has already occupied entire generations forever. It is not exhausted and still remains relevant. Each generation is affected in turn. This subject is captivating, current and important, especially for you who have not yet made the marriage. But it is also for parents and those who want to help and advise. There are so many hot cases to feed this subject:

The Experienced Gils

A 17 or 18-year-old girl has already had several experiences with men, and she will find a pastor in tears. She makes this review: “What happens to me is that they use me like a can of coca-cola: they open it by tearing it, empty it, crush it and we throw it into a corner.” What a heartbreaking confession! A landing crashing before even starting to live properly!

A young man who wanted to get married goes to his father and asks him for advice

The father gives him very strong warnings because the girl is not a child of God. The opinion of his father is not suitable for the son who decides otherwise. He still marries the woman. After a year the couple separates. The woman had cheated on him several times with other men. Again this is a smashing landing, which could have been avoided if the father’s advice had been received.

A couple had been married for over 30 years. They were supposed to be happy. Yet the woman dies suddenly, and the truth comes to light. Shortly after the death of his wife, the believing widower made a moving confession. After a good start of the marriage, they had moved away from each other. The reason was unconfessed faults on both sides, and they were not ready to forgive. They lived for decades alongside each other without ever saying the word “forgive me”. Only after the woman’s death did the man clearly understand how wrong he was. He confessed before the Lord, but with his wife, it was no longer possible to settle anything.

Celebration from the Couple

A couple celebrates their golden wedding anniversary. Both have behind them a life in the service of the Lord. Long before his marriage, the man had decided to be at the disposal of his Lord and not to live for himself anymore. He had told his wife before her wedding, and she had agreed. This had led to many renunciations of personal comfort during their long life together. But the couple was surrounded by happiness and blessing. At the golden wedding, the children and grandchildren testified to the exemplary character of this couple.

Four very different examples are full of contrasts. Whether we are happy or not in our relationships, especially in marriage, there is a decisive question. Marriage can be a wonderful blessing, but it can also be endless misery: some time ago, a brother whose marriage was unhappy, said, “My marriage is hell on earth.” Often, we do not get to that point. But a household where everyone lives on his side brings no fulfillment. God wants to give us a lot more. Referrals that lead to happiness or misfortune in marriage, we put in place very early, and at the latest when we decide for a spouse for life. That’s why this decision can not be taken lightly.