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Tired of taking bad, dark and not-so-clear pictures? And if you followed the best tips to improve your photo technique?Today, the practice of photography is becoming more and more popular, especially with the arrival of smartphones with integrated cameras. Yet, beautiful pictures are rare on our cameras, for the simple reason that everyone is not a confirmed photographer.

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Technical photography: our tips for a successful photo portrait

The photo portrait is without a doubt one of the most popular shooting styles for photography enthusiasts.

How to take a studio picture with a female model?

Play on the emotions of the model for a quality shot.The subject expects the professional photographer a certain respect, regardless of his age. It is therefore essential to ensure that his model is quite comfortable with this or that pose: your photo studio will be more successful. With the option to get into the Beautiful world photography you can have the peace of artwork.

With regard to framing and composition, the rules are simple:

Use a tight frame to focus on the model’s face and expressions. Use a wide frame, in full frame, to put the subject in relation with its environment.Also think of reducing the depth of field to create a natural barrier between the model and the background. Finally, the natural will always be the best: let the model choose his own clothes and take a pose with which he is comfortable. The personality of the subject can more easily stand out on the final shot.

Technical photography: information for landscape photography

Rather manual mode or automatic mode? Digital photography or analogue photography? No matter how you work, landscape photography is often a necessary step to becoming a confirmed photographer. To succeed in your landscape photography, it is best to bring a wide angle lens. Here are some tips for taking landscape photos:

  • Capture natural movements
  • Take into account the people occupying a landscape
  • Compose in good standing of thirds
  • Use photo filters to bring out the color of the sky, the sea
  • Create depth of field
  • Use water as a mirror of a landscape
  • Photograph at dawn or dawn

Golden rule to take beautiful landscape photos: do not constantly look for perfection. In general, bad weather or a landscape that lacks color can actually make the originality of the shot. The landscape can be modified in post-treatment, with a polarizing filter for example, although this process is sometimes a debate among photographic aficionados.

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